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Door Knobs Pewter Patina Finish and Nickel

From the Anvil Collection

Hand Forged Round Flat Cupboard Knob 

Pewter Patina Finish , 

From The Anvil Pewter Escutcheon

33664 Oval Covered

2" x 1 1/4"

From the anvil Collection Octagonal Mortice Rim Knob Set 33643

Pewter Patina Finish                    

Knob 2 1/8" x 2 1/8"  - 54mm 

From the anvil Collection 33644 Oval Door Knob Set  complete with 2 escutcheons

Pewter Patina Finish suitable for indoors and outdoors

Supplied with  matching uncovered escutcheons, 

Ring Handle Set 

From the Anvil Pewter Patina Collection

Handle 2 5/8"

From the Anvil  - Twist cabinet knob 33691

Knob 30mm diameter - projection 41mm

Finished in pewter patina

From the Anvil mortice or rim knob set 33778 - finished in their popular pewter  patina

Knob size 41mm

projection 70mm

From the Anvil Hammered Cupboard knob 83515 and 83516

2 sizes available

83515 38mm diameter - projection 30mm

From the Anvil Oval door knob set 83629 -polished nickel

Heavy solid oval knobs are designed for use with either a rim lock or mortice.

Suitable for doors up to 44mm thick.

From the Anvil Ball Round door knob set 83632 -polished nickel

Heavy solid Ball knobs are designed for use as a mortice knob set as these have fixed roses.

For best results the door knobs should be fitted a minimum of 3 inches from the edge of the door to avoid catching your knuckles. We recommend a heavy dute tubular latch18299 in 4 or 5 inch case depth.

From The Anvil Collection

  Oval Escutcheon Euro Pewter Patina Finish 

Part Number: 33706

From the Anvil Range Polished Nickel Beehive knob set 83636

On  detachable roses so can be fitted to rim locks.

Beehive turned design

From the Anvil. Wenlock Ribbed Cabinet Knob 83536.

Suitable for hand-crafted cupboard doors. Sold as a single item complete with screw. This is finished in a  natural smooth patine.

Overall size 32mm

From the Anvil. Wenlock Octagonal Cabinet Knob comes in 2 sizes with a natural smooth finish in Patine.

Suitable for hand-crafted cupboard doors.  Sold as a single item complete with fixing screw.

83538 - Overall size 38mm.  Projection 38mm

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